Descaling machine is started by first group of wire drawing machine and it is used to remove rust on the surface of steel wire before drawing.
Working height:820mm
Overall size: 600×500×850mm
Weight : 0.1 Ton   

Tip roller roll the head of steel wire into tapering shape(sharp) to be more easily thread the wire drawing   to draw wire.
Max.diameter of drawing :Φ6.5mm
Min finished diameter:Φ2.5mm
Motor power: 3 KW 
Overall size: 520×480×1200mm
Weight : 0.2 Ton

Wire cutting machine is the exclusive equipment for electrode production.It’s used for straightening and cutting off the welding rod core.  Rangeof wire cutting length :200-250mm 
Cutting diameter : Φ2.5-Φ6.0mm
Cutting speed : 200pieces/min
Straightener speed :5800r.p.m
Fly wheel speed: 900 r.p.m
Travel of cutter saddle :12mm   Total power:5.2KW
Overall size: 1750×650×1250mm
Throughput:1.5T/8H; Weight : 0.9 Ton

Auto chain tying furnace is the special equipment for welding electrode production. Auto chain
type drying furnace can work continuingly, automatically turn to avoid being appeared different
colors; procedure: low temperature area, mesothermal area, high temperature area, cooling area;
7 floor drying furnace is equipped with independent power systems(7 sets power systems in total)
which can assure the chain delivery more stable and reduce the chance of furnace disordering;
comparing with 5 floors’ chain type drying furnace, it can save 8.5 meters’ space. The drying manner can be electricity, natural gas,   coal, heavy oil and coal gas etc. Frequency control system is optional.

Reclaiming machine is an exclusive equipment in welding electrode production line. it play the role of get rid of the coated flux on electrodes, so powder can be recycled
Straightening machine takes the ability of straightening crippled welding core. It is unavoidable
that some electrodes unqualified due to appear scratching and damaging. Thus, straightening
machine can remove most dry flux and clean the rest flux left on welding flux to recycle.