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XLPE /PVC Insulation Aluminium Alloy Cable

Item No.: XC2
XLPE /PVC Insulation Aluminium Alloy Cable
May customize as request
XLPE /PVC Insulation Aluminium Alloy Cable

Best selling Aluminum alloy cables instead of the normal copper cables for your projects. due to it can reduce your purchase cost as better competitive prices, also more easy to install than copper cables.

(1) Aluminium alloy conductor
2) Better price than copper
(3) Less weight

2. Advantages
(1) High tensile strength
(2) High elongation
(3) Good flexibility, easy bending & low rebounding Can be laid in the indoor, outdoor, wear tube, wire groove, cable trench and other environment. In the dry or wet place installation, can be directly buried in loose soil or buried in cement. Voltage level 6/1kV, 3.6/6kV, 6/10kV, 8.7/15kV, 12/20kV, 18/30kV, 21/35kV, 26/35kV The cables can be customized as request.

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